• My first drawing 14 years ago vs the piece I am working on right now. Practice, practice, practice. There are about 60 drawings between them (31 for Inktober 2018 alone). So thankful that I have a wife and family that allow me to follow my passion. Hope to do 60 this year. 🎨

  • Chickadee update - Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

    Here is a full shot of the piece. I have a large amount of finicky bark at the bottom left to do. I am happy now with the background. I also added a bit more shadow under the tail and bringing back a bit more detail. I remember now why I tended to draw smaller pieces :-) This is my first piece where I worked all areas of the paper. 🎨

  • I went way too dark for the background in graphite. Thanks to blu-tack I was able to lift it off the paper. Happier now with where the background is going. The dark was pulling too much away from the chickadee. Before and after. 🎨


  • Finished this digital drawing of a butterfly. I guess I have a butterfly series now. I do have a third to come. Playing with some new techniques on these drawings 🎨

  • Drawing update and my tools

    I finally had a chance to spend some more time on this chickadee. Still working away on the bark. I am playing with the idea of a background on the left. I think it may make the chickadee pop. I have included a pic of my tools. Yes, I use a wide range of pencils in hardness as well as size. I prefer mechanical pencils these days because the pencil balance remains the same regardless of lead length. You will also see blue tack for gently lifting off graphite as well as my tombow eraser and stumps for blending. 🎨


  • Local artists meetup

    I decided to head to a local artist meetup today at the Ottawa Art Gallery to draw and hang out with other artists. I had a chance to chat with a couple artists working on a variety of wonderful projects. I got a bit more done on the chickadee but the light wasn’t great (that’s me in the middle). Decided to start up a new digital butterfly pic. Probably 1-2 hours left on the butterfly. The tree bark being most of the time. 🎨


  • I took some time away from the chickadee Thursday evening to draw this butterfly while in a Starbucks. About 2.5 hours work with Procreate on an iPad. Based on a reference photo I took a few years ago.

  • Small update. Should be done all the bark this weekend. Going to a group art event to work on this on Sunday. Will be my first time. Also, built up a better lighting/photo arrangement. 🎨

  • Tonight’s meditative drawing experience was focused on focus. Adding blur to the left of the centreline of the chickadee as the trunk of the tree falls away. Also, working on shadows to lift the bird of the paper 🎨

  • Feeling sick but work continues. Trying to get the texture on the tree just right is nothing to bark at. Birches! Dad jokes, they’re easy :-) 🎨

  • A little more done on this chickadee drawing after having been away from it for a few days. Drawing is meditation for me. Thankful to have the time tonight to do so. May try a time-lapse next time if I can figure out a good arrangement.

  • Printing passion

    I was so happy to receive these prints today. The dog and the butterfly are from my original graphite drawings. They were scanned, touched up and printed on a special textured paper with archival ink providing true high quality prints. I am most excited to see the owl print. This only existed in digital format as I had drawn it using Procreate on the iPad. It looks brilliant! I could have gone so much large than 9” by 12”. Thanks to Shoebox Studios in Ottawa.


  • Quick draw eagle

    So, here is a quick timelapse of the eagle. I started thinking I would go abstract with the Nikko Rull brush but then decided a sketch with the HB brush and then soft and medium airbrush with a bit of the long fur brush. Total was 6 layers with sketch on the bottom and the eye highlights on the top. I always separate the highlight and shadows as layers from the main content. 🎨 www.youtube.com/watch

  • I had an hour between meetings at a local college tonight so I did drew this eagle quickly in Procreate on the iPad. Very busy day/week. Drawing helps me refocus. 🎨

  • More work done on the chickadee. Roughing in the thin feather pattern while trying to expose wisps of white. 🎨

  • Starting a new graphite piece. Of course I need to do the eye first and then establish the darkest blacks first. This will be quite large when done and include some interesting bark 🎨

  • Schnauzer commission is complete! Thank you so much for following along and for all the kind comments and encouragement. I am inspired to do more work and share more of my process. Stay tuned! :-)

  • Most likely the last WIP I post. A few more hours left, but getting close now. Focus has been the collar but now I need to bring out more white fur 🎨

  • More detail done on the mouth and was able to tackle the buckle. I also reworked his left side of the face. Going to do some live drawing tomorrow probably on YouTube. I will confirm a time once I get a sense of things. 🎨

  • A couple more hours on this graphite drawing today. Should be done by the end of the weekend. Loving graphite again. 🎨

  • I typically draw using mechanical pencils (when not on the iPad 😊 ) but I am trying these special lumograph pencils. They are designed to preserve the blacks while also allowing for layers. 🎨

  • I had about a half hour of free time today at lunch so I decided to try and see what I could do with a single brush type in Procreate. Not my typical kind of work. Good to explore 🎨

  • Another drawing update. Next, I need to insert an eye. It was covered by fur in the original. Should be fun. 🎨

  • Got some more work done on this schnauzer. Finding my groove with graphite but can’t stop the digital work on the iPad. I think I may pull a creative muscle soon. 🎨

  • My iPad drawing of the blue morpho butterfly is complete. I took the reference photo a couple years ago at the Butterflies Go Free exhibit in Montreal. 🎨

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