I started with computers in 1980 with a Heathkit computer where I had to build a wooden enclosure to hold it. With a tape drive and a 12” black and white TV, I was ready! I then moved into a Vic-20 followed by a Commodore 64 spending a lot of time programming in BASIC, building programs and games (including an awesome Star Wars trench game) and of course some hacking. I sold my computers in high school and didn’t come back until 1994 when I joined an ISP and started in tech support and web design. I am currently working with health researchers building sites and apps but also spending much more time in the realm of AI and machine learning as well as cloud storage and computing.

I also love art and more specifically drawing. I wrote in a school book when I was 5 that I wanted to be artist. I started with some Tom & Jerry fan art when I was 11 or 12. It never went anywhere until college when I started into drafting as part of the mechanical engineering program. I loved the shapes and shadows in isometric drawings. It wasn’t until 2005 that I did my first graphite piece. I have been dabbling ever since with graphite and more recently, digital on the iPad Pro. I love creating whether it be programming, design, art or writing (yes, working on two novels). However, drawing serves as a meditative experience for me. I love sharing my works as it progresses with the hope that it can inspire others. I have presented at local schools on how to draw with pencil and may do more in future. I also did Inktober in 2018 for the first time and plan to do the same this year. I am in the midst of starting up an online shop to sell my art. It is a huge step but my theme for this year is “emergence”, so I am on point :-)