• Quick sketch of a capybara before a work event at the Museum of Nature today. Created in my Leuchtturm A4 sketchbook. Capybaras are incredibly social animals! 🐾✨#sciart

    A detailed pencil sketch of a capybara on an A4 sketchbook page, accompanied by drawing tools.

  • Completed this detailed watercolor of a chameleon. Highlighting its texture and playing with light and shadows was a real challenge. Fun fact: chameleons can move their eyes independently to spot prey! Pentel water brush, Etchr sketchbook and Golden QoR watercolors🦎 #sciart

    A realistic painting of a chameleon on a branch is set alongside an open watercolor palette and a filled water brush.

  • A 30 min sketch in a coffee shop in Ithaca, New York today inspired by a photo I found online

  • Sketched this cricket at Equator coffee in Kanata using my Etchr sketchbook, a Pentel brush pen, and QoR watercolors. Crickets produce their loud songs by rubbing their wings together, a behavior called stridulation. 🦗🎨 #sciart

    A detailed watercolor sketch of a cricket on white paper, created using an Etchr hot press sketchbook, a Pentel brush pen, and QoR watercolors. The sketch captures the intricate details and textures of the cricket. Art supplies are visible in the background.

  • Inspired by a serene moment this frog was enjoying by our pond, I drew him in my Leuchtturm 1917 sketchbook using colored pencils. Green frogs can jump up to 3 feet and their tadpoles can take up to two years to become adults! 🐸🌿 #sciart

    A hyper-realistic colored pencil drawing of a green frog, showcasing intricate details in its textured skin and vibrant green and yellow hues, with an array of colored pencils arranged neatly to the right.

  • 🦏✨ Just finished this baby rhino watercolor sketch in my new Etchr hot press sketchbook! Used Golden QoR watercolors and a Pentel Canada waterbrush. Did you know rhinos have been around for over 50 million years? Despite this, they are critically endangered due to poaching and habitat loss. 🌍❤️

    Watercolor painting of a baby rhino lying in the grass, with a palette of vibrant colors and watercolor brushes nearby.

  • For my second acrylic piece, I started blocking in some colour but then got carried away with the eye detail of the female wood duck. Haven’t played with acrylics in months 😊

    A start of a painting of a female wood duck

  • More Drawing Day! Just finished this bear cub drawing! Took a few sessions in coffee shops and a cafeteria. Used my Pentel .3 (2B) and .5 mm (4B) pencils and tried the new .2 mm Pentel Orenz from Pentel Canada. Perfect for detailing, though the B lead is a bit hard. 2B lead coming. #sciart

    A detailed pencil drawing of a bear cub clinging to a tree trunk, surrounded by drawing tools.

  • 🖊️✨ Celebrating Drawing Day with a pen drawing of a kingfisher that loves visiting our pond! Did you know these incredible birds can spot their prey from 30 feet away and dive at incredible speeds to catch fish? Also, the belted kingfisher is featured on the Canadian $5 note! 🌊🐟

    Pen drawing of a belted kingfisher, created with a Leuchtturm pen in a Leuchtturm 1917 sketchbook.

  • Tried out my new Leuchtturm 1917 A5 with this detailed drawing of a painted turtle. I love how the paper handles graphite and how bright white it is! Our pond has 14 painted turtles, which can live up to 40 years and survive winter by absorbing oxygen through their skin. #sciart

    A detailed pencil drawing of a painted turtle perched on a rock. The artist’s hand is visible on the right, and a blending stump lies nearby.

  • 🎨 Just finished this watercolor of a dragonfly next to its shed exoskeleton, symbolizing transformation. Did you know dragonflies have nearly 360-degree vision? Also, breaking in a new waterbrush made detailing tough! #sciart

    Watercolor painting of a dragonfly on a green stalk beside its shed exoskeleton, displayed on a sketchbook page with a watercolor palette and a brush pen. The artwork features detailed wings and natural tones, with white paint splatters suggesting water droplets.

  • 🎨 Captured a small minnow on paper found in our pond. These native fish likely arrived via ducks, showcasing the interconnectedness of nature. Check out the sketching process and the vibrant colors that bring this tiny wanderer back to life. 🦆💧✨ #sciart

    Watercolor painting of a fish on a sketchbook next to a palette of vibrant watercolors

  • 🎨✏️ Captured the essence of a wood duck in graphite today, just as our first merganser family of the season made their debut. These adventurous ducklings take their first daring leap to the water within 24 hours of hatching. Can’t wait to translate this sketch into an acrylic painting soon! #sciart

    Graphite sketch of a wood duck on an open sketchbook, surrounded by drawing pencils, an eraser, and mechanical pencils, placed on a wooden table.

  • I captured the beauty of a green scarab beetle in watercolor in a coffee shop. These beetles symbolize renewal in Egyptian culture and play a key role in nature. I might create a small coloring card for kids who are curious but too shy to ask questions. Art should inspire curiosity! #sciart

    A detailed watercolor painting of a vibrant green beetle on a piece of watercolor paper, with a palette of colorful paints and a water brush beside it.

  • Dive into creativity with this quick graphite sketch of a tiger shark using my Pentel Graphgear 1000. Did you know tiger sharks are known as the ‘garbage cans of the sea’ because they eat anything, from fish to license plates? What inspires your art today? 🦈✏️🌊

    Pencil drawing of a shark with drawing tools on a sketchbook on a wooden surface.

  • I had a hoot painting this great gray owl, though it was tricky! Capturing the feather textures and the eyes’ catchlight on a small scale with a water brush was challenging. Fun fact: the great gray has the largest facial disc of any raptor, aiding in its silent hunting. 🦉🎨 #sciart

    Watercolor painting of a grey owl perched on a green, mossy branch.

  • Venturing from animals to the human form with ‘Skull Study’—a detour, not a departure. Sketched with Pentel Graphgear pencils, softened by a blender, textured with Blu-tack. A curious exploration in graphite. #sciart

    Pencil-drawn skull with shading on paper, flanked by mechanical pencils and eraser.&10;

  • Live-painted a June bug using watercolor in my sketchbook at the Artawa gathering at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Did you know these insects live underground for most of their life? Nearly done this sketchbook. Should I do a little YouTube tour when done? #sciart

    An intricately detailed watercolor painting of a June bug in a small white sketchbook with a vibrant palette.

  • Diving into the entomological world with my latest piece: an ox beetle in watercolor. These tiny titans duel with their horns, echoing ancient battles. In this piece, strength and delicacy collide, capturing the beetle’s essence on paper with QoR Watercolors and a steady hand. 🖌️🐞✨#sciart

    Watercolor illustration of a detailed box beetle on a white sketchbook page, accompanied by a painter's palette with a variety of colors, a water brush pen, and a pencil.

  • Dawn’s light revealed a sketched buffalo on my page, a serene venture in shadows and water. Crafted with delicate Pentel strokes in my Etchr sketchbook–a peaceful start to the day. Coffee shop sketching is so meditative #sciart

  • Captivated by the vibrant koppie foam grasshopper from South Africa! Blues, purples, reds, and ochre come alive in my latest piece. These toxic beauties (based on their consumption of milkweed), akin to the monarch caterpillar, were a challenge but rewarding to draw. Watercolor on hot press #sciart

    This image features an artist's workspace with a focus on a beautifully detailed painting of a grasshopper on a small white textured paper. Above the artwork, a set of fine-tip pens in a stand is visible, indicating the precision tools used for the painting. To the bottom left, an open watercolor palette is shown, filled with a variety of vibrant colors, some mixed and well-used. Beside the palette lies a water brush pen, suggesting a mix of watercolor and ink techniques in the creation of the artwork. The overall setting suggests a blend of meticulous detail and artistic spontaneity.

  • Just finished a detailed grey wolf sketch, reflecting on my course and teaching insights. Inspired by Dotty Weber’s photo, I spent 3-4 hours using 2B, 4B Pentel Graphgear pencils, and various tools for depth and texture, capturing the essence of snow and light. #sciart

    A pencil sketch of a wolf in a forest, placed on a wooden table surrounded by drawing tools including a mechanical pencil, two blenders, an electric eraser, and a piece of kneaded eraser.

  • 🎨✨ Tried something a bit challenging – sketching the majestic Migzi at Mādahòkì Farm. The Ojibwe Spirit Horse is more than just a breed; it’s a living piece of Indigenous heritage, the only one known to Canada.

    Watercolor painting of a horse on a sketchbook page, with a palette and water brush pen resting above.

  • Iridescent art in focus! My A6 Etchr sketchbook & Art Toolkit palette were essential in painting the vibrant cuckoo wasp. Thanks to Albert Cardona’s photo reference and my Pentel brush, this piece shines.✨🎨🐝

    A watercolor painting of an emerald cuckoo wasp with its shimmering green and blue hues, perched delicately on a cluster of pink flowers. Below the artwork is a well-used palette brimming with a rainbow of watercolor paints, accompanied by a water brush pen, all resting on a rustic wooden surface.

  • Joined my first Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists sketchpod. We chatted, then sketched in solitude. Our wisteria pods in ink and watercolor, defying local climates. Sketched with a sepia Micro 005 in an Etchr sketchbook, painted with QoR in an ArtToolKit palette with a Pentel waterbrush #sciart

    This image displays an artist’s desk with a watercolor sketch of a wisteria seed pod. On the top left, there is a palette of watercolors, and on the right side, a brush pen and an archival ink pen lay across the paper. Below the sketch, there is handwritten text detailing the plant’s growth, dated April 1 2024.&10;

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