• I would love to observe these incredible creatures in the wild but for now I practice. A sketch while in a coffee shop. Tools by Pentel, Etchr and Art Toolkit. Maybe I should create a larger piece to help support work in ensuring polar bears and their habitat are protected.

    polar bear profile of its head and neck painted in watercolor. palette, brush pen and mechanical pencil in view

  • I did this rendering of a secretary bird while watching the World Junior hockey game. Yay 🇨🇦! I am attempting to get familiar with the secretary bird in thinking about a larger acrylic piece. Pentel Graphgear .3 mm and 2B lead in a Moleksine sketchbook.

  • A golden-headed lion tamarin with photo reference by Edwin Butter. Mix of watercolor and gouache. 🎨

  • Art v. Artist 2022

    It’s been a very busy year with lots of change, creativity and conversation. I have continued refining my art while exploring more watercolor and gouache but also playing more with graphite. My perpetual journal was a great experience but I put aside for a little bit while working on other projects. I have enjoyed my relationship over the year with Pentel Canada and Etchr which provided the opportunity for me to explore new products but also meet new creatives and share some great materials.

    One of my biggest challenges was trying black watercolor paper from Legion Paper. The four pieces I completed made me realize there was so much more potential and it also led me to acrylic.

    I painted so many insects this year in watercolor and will do more in 2023 but for some reason I was totalled distracted with cats which is why I highlighted three. The lynx in pencil was the most special this year.

    My journey will continue in all areas with a much larger focus on acrylic which I am finding daunting but also very exciting. There will be a few larger pieces to come in 2023.

    I am working on the final episode of the podcast for this year and will hit 100 episodes in a few months. So many wonderful conversations with fellow creatives. This final episode #91 will include a reflection about 2022 but also some of what I have planned for 2023. I didn’t get to everything I had planned this year but I am happy with the result.

    I also would to thank all of you for your ongoing support. Whether it is supporting the podcast directly through Patreon, Buy Me a Paintbrush or via message, comment and like. Your words will always find me and sometimes they find me when I need them most. I have enjoyed viewing all your work and seeing your improvement over the past 12 months.

    Stay curious, be well and keep drawing.

    -Mike . . . . . #artvsartist #artvartist2022 #watercolor #animalartist #pentel #etchr #graphite #sketchbook #difmpodcast #podcast #reflection #curiousit

  • When you wake up in the middle of night and decide to spend a couple hours painting. #wip

  • Tried out some new QoR watercolor paint from Golden today at lunch. Loving them so far. 🎨

  • Progress shot about 4 hours into this acrylic piece. This is after the first block of color on the legs and back. Trying to respect the shadows created by the light source at the top left. Learning so much about acrylics. Also this piece is huge for me at 2’ by 3’. My typical pieces are in small sketchbooks or 8” by 10”.

  • I did it. I decided to try acrylics. Of course I had to go big at 2’ by 3’. I have already done 2 things right and 8 things wrong but happy with this start. More to come as I wrestle a new medium. 🎨

  • Finished the final card in this series. Harvest mice again in watercolor.

  • Late night success. Yet another original greeting card. A couple of harvest mice in watercolor.

  • A pine marten watercolor greeting card going out to a follower on Monday.

  • Harvest mouse and berries

    A little exploration with watercolor using Daniel Smith watercolors and a little Schminke super granulated. Created with a Pentel Aqua Brush in a hot press Etchr sketchbook. Palette is from Art Toolkit.

    Harvest mouse and berries

  • Graphite Cat Eye Study Complete

    Finished this little study of different cat eyes. Drawn on hot press paper using a Pentel Graphgear 1000. This is practice for a larger cat piece I am doing in acrylic. Yes, my first acrylic piece!

    Fours cat eyes drawn in pencil

  • Some cat eye practice for upcoming projects. Drawn during my lunch hour yesterday and today. Finding time where I can. ✍️

  • It was fantastic having Christina Wald on the podcast. We check out her work and the story of the tiny palette in the photo. Her homework will lead you to create better stories. Follow wherever you listen to podcasts drawinginspiration.fm/87

  • A 60 minute drawing in Procreate. Testing out a new Apple pencil grip. ✍️ 🎨

  • When life gives you mushrooms

    Make art! These scalycaps were challenging and I gave up on them only to come back to them a couple days later.

    Scalycap mushroom

  • Bobcat in graphite

    I spent about 8-9 hours on this 9” by 12” render of a bobcat. I created it using a Pentel Graphgear 1000 .3mm pencil with 2B lead. I also used some blue tack to lift the graphite, a mono eraser and a tortillion to smudge. Check out what’s in my kit here.

    This was quite a bit of work to render the fur and also manage the inclusion of some snowflakes. It does seem I am on a cat creation streak at this point which I just realized a few days ago.

    Wait till you see the acrylic piece I am starting soon ;-)

    Thank you Dotty Weber for the reference.

    Bobcat drawn in graphite

  • Drawing Inspiration #85

    For the latest episode of the Drawing Inspiration podcast, Maria Coryell-Martin joins me to talk about her journey in becoming an expeditionary artist and founder of Art Toolkit. We talk about the locations she has visited, painting in harsh conditions and her current travel kits. Her homework will keep you on time. Like and follow wherever you listen to podcasts. This episode also includes a new discount code for your next order from Art Toolkit.

  • Blue-spotted salamander

    I found this salamander under a piece of wood bench I built a number of years. It’s a blue-spotted salamander. I have only seen these three times and two of those times were this year. It was only about 10-12 cm in length. I sketched it first using a Micron 005 pen (sepia ink) and then transparent Daniel Smith Watercolors and a little white gouache. The palette is from ArtToolKit and I poured the paints myself. I painted using a Pentel Aqua Brush (fine tip) and this was done in an Etchr A6 hot press sketchbook.

  • Isopods - pill bug/roly poly

    Never really took a close look at one of these. Once I did, thanks to my daughter, I had to paint it.

  • Fall has arrived

    It’s that time of year again as the leaves begin changing. The leaves on our buckeye tree almost act as a bright beacon well before the other trees begin. Watercolor on hot press.

  • Watercolor wood frog

    This little wood frog was exploring our yard. I rendered it with transparent watercolor and some white gouache.

  • Fall mushrooms

    A little watercolor entry in my journal based off of some of the mushrooms in our woods. Loved the colors here.

    Mushroom party

  • Snow Leopard in Gouache

    I recently completed this 8” by 10” rendering of a snow leopard with watercolor on 300 gsm black paper from Legion. It’s a mix of white gouache and transparent watercolor.

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