• A pencil study of a bee and flower. Drawn with a Pentel Graphgear 1000 .3mm with 2B lead in an Etchr A6 hot press sketchbook. ✍️ 🎨

  • Canadian Tulip Festival

    I decided to head down to the Canadian Tulip Festival yesterday to take in the tulip display with my trusty art gear in hand. I painted these two tulips, answered some questions about my art and chatted with some wonderful other artists. Gorgeous day and lots of people. I was able to zone out which helped with the anxiety but it truly was the first time in that type of a setting in 2 years. Glad I did it! Drawn with 005 Micron Pen with sepia ink and painted with watercolor.

  • Latest entry in my weekly perpetual journal. Fiddleheads in watercolor.

  • Our duck houses have inhabitants. We now have three in use! Top to bottom we have wood duck, common merganser and common merganser❤️🦆

  • Admiring our new magnolia tree for this week’s perpetual journal entry

  • 77: Google Doodles, Route 66 and the Animated Sketchbook Journey with Matthew Cruickshank

    For episode 77 of the Drawing Inspiration podcast, I am joined by Google Art Director Matthew Cruickshank to discuss his creative journey. We talk about his role as the Google Doodle lead and how the recent Route 66 Google Video Doodle became a personal project. We chat about the power of the sketchbook and how tentacles can help capture a scene :-) drawinginspiration.fm/77

  • This pasque flower is my entry in the perpetual journal this week. 🎨 ✍️

  • A quick butterfly wind down painting. 🎨 ✍️

  • Tonight’s draw and paint was a sea turtle. So much fun with this one ✍️ 🎨

  • Don’t freak out! This is the larval stage of a firefly. Pyractomena borealis. This little one was in our front garden this week. I used ink and watercolor. Crazy looking creature right?! 🎨 ✍️

  • This week’s perpetual journal entry. Pussy willows. 🎨 ✍️

  • A little piece in my small A6 sketchbook. Tricky with the colours and getting the rain drops reasonable. Drawn with a micron 005 with sepia ink then some watercolor and a little white ink for highlights.

  • Playing with a new combination here. I think they look like friends. Micron pen sketch and watercolor in my A6 journal on hot press paper from Etchr 🎨 ✍️ 🖼

  • Latest entry is my perpetual journal is this painted turtle. Spotted this young one yesterday and have now seen another. Spring peepers have also started singing their songs Yay Spring! 🎨 ✍️ 🐢

  • Blue jay feather I found in our woods. Sketch with Micron 005 and sepia ink and then watercolor with a Pentel water brush. 🎨 ✍️

  • Lily of the valley. Micron pen and watercolor ✍️ 🎨

  • A little sketch in my A6 book of a milkweed plant in the fall. Trying out a Micron 005 with sepia ink. Also added a dash of watercolor. 🎨 ✍️

  • Quick colored pencil piece. Polychromos pencils on Fabriano Black Black paper. 🎨 ✍️

  • Hosted my first YouTube live today. Had a few people drop in and draw along with me. Here’s my result. youtube.com/channel/U…

  • My perpetual journal entry this week. Rose hips after a tough winter. Micron ink and watercolour/gouache 🎨

  • Second entry in my perpetual journal. Daffodil 🌼 🎨

  • I tapped a couple of my maple trees for the first time. I planted them on our lot 20 years ago. I collected around 20 litres of sap over the last week and produced 1 litre of syrup with a homemade evaporator outside. It turned out way better than I thought. Soooo good!

  • Result of the live draw from March 13. So thankful for everyone who showed up.

  • Today’s live draw on Instagram was this raccoon drawn with Procreate on the iPad. Join me next Sunday where we jump back to graphite.

  • Second time drawing this commission. Canada Post lost the other one. Tracking all shipments from now on. However, I will be hand delivering this one. ✍️ 🎨

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