• Started with just two little frogs and couldn’t stop there – had to give them a whole crew of colorful companions! 🐸 Each marker-made frog has hopped out with its own vibrant personality. It’s amazing how one splash of color leads to another, creating a whole ecosystem of art.

    A collection of marker drawings of various colorful frogs on a textured white canvas, surrounded by markers and water brushes, with a piece of paper showing paint smudges and mixing areas in the background, all laid out on a wooden surface.

  • Absolutely loving the playtime with the Brush Sign Pen Twins from Pentel Canada 🎨✨ Not my go-to medium since I’ve never dabbled in markers, but these beauties made the experience super fun and straightforward! Etchr cold press Perfect Sketchbook #sciart

    An image of two vibrantly colored frog illustrations on a textured paper. The top frog is painted in bright orange with blue legs and black spots, while the bottom frog is in vivid red with blue details and black spots. Both are surrounded by a selection of Brush Sign Pen Twin markers in coordinating colors, and a medium-sized Pentel Aquash Water Brush lies next to them. The artwork and tools rest on a dark wooden surface, indicating a creative, artistic setting.

  • Are you an urban sketcher looking for inspiration? I pulled a dozen episodes of my Drawing Inspiration podcast into this starter pack. Enjoy! drawinginspiration.fm/start/

  • Morning sketch session with my favorite subject, the black-capped chickadee! ✏️🐦 Kept it simple today, focusing on our little bird and leaving the tree texture for another time. Want to draw together? Watch this space for more! πŸŒΏπŸ‘€

    An intricate graphite pencil sketch of a black-capped chickadee positioned on the right, with its detailed feathers and distinct markings clearly visible. The sketch is on a white paper that lies on a wooden surface, surrounded by drawing tools which include a mechanical pencil, a blending stump, an eraser, and a kneaded eraser to the top left.

  • Kicked off my morning with a graphite sketch of an alpaca that’s been waiting in the shadows. Tackling the diverse textures of its hair was daunting, but I embraced the challenge! 🎨✏️ Created using a Pentel Orenz Nero .5mm with 4B lead and a 2.5mm 6B clutch pencil.

    A meticulously detailed pencil drawing of an alpaca's head, with a focus on its fluffy fur and serene expression, positioned on a white page of a sketchbook, accompanied by a mechanical pencil resting above the drawing.

  • πŸΈπŸ’™ Meet the vibrant ambassador of sustainable living, the blue poison dart frog, captured here in watercolor. It was certainly a challenge mixing these blues and doing it on-site at Equator Coffee in Almonte. I’ve come to rely on the QoR watercolors and the Pentel water brush for this work.

    Watercolor painting of a blue poison dart frog perched on a rock with a single yellow-green leaf in the background, presented on a sketchbook with a chevron pattern border. Art supplies, including a water brush pen, are visible around the sketchbook.

  • Rising with the dawn, sometimes my mornings are dedicated to creation amidst the quiet hum of a coffee shop. Today, my early efforts were rewarded with this serene camel, its stillness mirroring the peace of an untouched day.

    A watercolor painting of a camel adorned with colorful, intricate saddlery resting on a sandy ground is displayed next to an open watercolor palette with various colors. A water brush pen rests above the palette. The artist's signature is visible at the bottom of the painting. The palette and painting are on a wooden surface, suggesting an artist's workspace.

  • Turned waiting time into sketching time and brought this majestic hippo to life with my pencil. πŸš—βœοΈ While my car was getting its oil change, I was busy giving this large, gentle creature a bit more of a smile. Remember, every moment can spark creativity. πŸ¦›βœ¨

    Detailed pencil sketch of a hippopotamus' head on paper, with a mechanical pencils resting above. The artwork captures the texture of the hippo's skin and its calm expression.

  • I painted this wasp with some new friends at the Kanata Art Club Open Studio last night. Just under 90 minutes of work. I absolutely love drawing and painting insects. I think that rendering their wonderful mix of textures and values helps to improve my skills as an artist.

    A detailed watercolor painting of a wasp on a hot press paper sketchbook, with a vibrant palette of watercolors and brushes nearby.

  • Mourning dove today in a coffee shop. Sketching while my daughter did some homework. I also started a wasp ;-)

    A watercolor sketch of a mourning dove in a small sketchbook with a watercolor palette nearby

  • This woodpecker landed on my sketchbook this morning for my coffee stop. My first day back to work in two weeks. Of course, I had to leave early to stop and paint on the way into the office.

    A small watercolor painting of a woodpecker in a sketchbook with a paint palette in the background.

  • A little snowy today. I spent a little sketching in a local coffee shop. Pentel brush pen, QoR watercolours and an Etchr hot press sketchbook.

    A watercolour painting of a rhino in a sketchbook.

  • Some African penguins I sketched while in a local coffee shop. A young one in the background. Parents having some time together 😊

    A sketch of two adult African penguins and a young one in the distant background

  • Art vs. Artist 2023

    As the colors of 2023 blend into the canvas of memories, I can’t help but feel grateful for the incredible journey this year has been. 🌟

    Thank you for being part of this journey. Here’s to a colorful and creative 2024! πŸŒˆπŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨

    A photo of Mike the artist in the middle surrounded by 8 images of work I have done over the year. A shoebill stork, horses, bee, Scottish museum, betta, raccoons, hissing cockroach and a frog

  • Owl you doing today 😊 Here’s the output from this morning’s coffee session.

    A watercolor of a couple of owls in a sketchbook with a palette and water brush in the background.

  • Finished this little walrus party this morning. Pencil in a Moleskine sketchbook.

    A pencil sketch of three walruses in a sketchbook with a pencil and other tools nearby

  • We have so many blue jays where I live. They have unique personalities and are quite gregarious.

    I decided to paint one this morning over coffee. Simple and quick. Hope you have a great day.

    A blue jay watercolor painting in a sketchbook surrounded by a water brush and paint palette

  • This was a challenge. New subject, bright colors and small scale. Happy with the result but took more time than I thought. Certainly pushed my watercolor skills to edge. Yes, more bettas to come.

    A betta fish in watercolor in a sketchbook

  • An American pika in my watercolor sketchbook. Yes, coffee shop work. A fun recommendation from a follower. Oh yes there will be more to come.

    A pika in watercolor in my sketchbook

  • Today’s coffee shop sketching session turned into an unexpected journey into the world of birds. I tackled a red-footed falcon, a stunning creature known for its striking red legs and talons. Rendered with watercolor and a Pentel brush in an Etchr Sketchbook Reference courtesy of Edwin Butter

    A red-footed falcon on a branch painted in a small sketchbook surrounded by an ArtToolkit palette and a Pentel water brush.

  • I find it so hard rendering bees with watercolor. I spent some time before work and at lunch to finish this one off. Gotta love my travel kit.

    A watercolor painting of a bee with two palettes and a water brush nearby

  • Morning coffee shop sketch

    A drawing of a tiger’s head in a sketchbook. Surrounded by three mechanical pencils and a Starbucks coffee cup.

  • I have decided to end my Patreon and Newsletter (on Convertkit). You can now find me regularly posting content for free and paid subscribers on my new Substack page mikehendley.substack.com I am hopeful you will continue to follow me on my journey.

  • It’s been awhile since I sketched in a coffee shop. I left crazy early for work today so I could spend some time with my Pentel pencils. It was so nice to enjoy a Starbucks coffee and just sketch. Hope to see you all at the Wild Wonder Conference starting on Wednesday and my class on Sunday.

    A pencil sketch of a rhino in a coffee shop

  • Finished up this little raccoon sketch while prepping for a conference talk, new podcast interviews and my Etchr drawing course coming out in October. Nice use of my vacation 😊

    A drawing of three raccoons in the hole of a tree

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