• Also, very happy with my new easel and tool layout. Yes, the media were there as well 🎨

  • Supporting a local group today, I sketched the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. 🎨

  • Built myself an urban sketching travel easel. Watch out fall colours, here I come. 🎨

  • A sketch today at a nearby park.

  • A little sketching in downtown Almonte today.


  • Here are the two stills from the “paint out” event.


  • The second one is of a cloister. The wedding started 15 mins after I was done.

  • One of two sketches I did today as part of a “paint out” event.

  • Guess who vacations in PEI? :-)

  • A little thank you sketch and thank you message for the owners of the beach house where we stayed.

  • This is Guernsey Cove. Lots of beach glass.

  • A few sketches from vacation this week in PEI

  • Hi @macgenie I am a slow to the photo challenge but here is day 8 - happiness. Bandit loves his air mattress in the pool.

  • I had the great pleasure of having @rohdesign on the podcast to talk drawing, sketchnoting and his new product. Of course, I had to create my first Sketchnote around our talk. Check out drawing inspiration.fm/8 or your podcast app of choice.

  • Tweaked and framed. Now off for some urban sketching

  • My first painting. Wow, watercolor is way harder than I thought. Starting to get the hang of it. Anxious to do more.

  • This green frog had a bit of attitude

  • My first attempt drawing with ink. In this case a mix of Pigma Micro pens. A 15 sketch of my view when parked at work. :-) I think I am going to like this. Now I will need to try some watercolor.

  • Our muskrat doing a little work


  • Sharing and teaching at the Apple Store today. So much fun.


  • Picked up some supplies. Going to be dabbling in some watercolor as well some urban sketching with ink.

  • Maybe this shot this morning of the twins in our neighbourhood will help? @macgenie

  • Started a new piece over lunch today. A new mix of mechanical pencils still using a Moleskine sketchbook. Reference is a video I took of a grasshopper checking me out a couple years ago.

  • Sometimes a sketch becomes a drawing. About 2.5 hours on this dragonfly. Moleskine sketchbook and Pentel Graphgear 1000 pencils (2H, HB, 2B)

  • Yep, going to be making stickers!

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