• I spent my lunch hour just sketching a pine cone. Now I can take on the rest of the day.

  • Red admiral outside this morning. They have excellent camouflage but in the second pic you can see it chose to land on my shorts for a close-up. No wonder I have the nickname Dr Dolittle. Btw, this is common behaviour with red admirals.

  • Blandings turtle in our pond. This turtle is considered threatened in Ontario which makes this sighting even more special.

  • 4 for 4. This eastern swallowtail just emerged. My daughter is so happy because she had quarantined these last fall when they were in chrysalis form because she was worried they were comprimised by a wasp. They love dill, parsley and carrot tops. We should start seeing the monarchs arriving any day now.

  • Drawing Inspiration, 03: Drawing with an iPad


  • Dropping the next episode in my podcast later today where I talk about drawing on the iPad and I mention this piece I am currently working on.

  • This is what an Easter swallowtail butterfly looks like less than a minute after emerging. This one slept outside all winter until just now. Nature is awesome! We have possibly 3 more coming. Monarch butterflies won’t be up to our area for maybe another week.

  • Well this is fun, my podcast made it to “New and Noteworthy” for a little bit in iTunes. It didn’t last long but that’s ok 😃 Next episode is Monday about drawing with the iPad.

  • Chickadee is finally finished. Drawn with Pentel Graphgear 1000 (2B, HB and 2H) on Bristol Smooth 9” by 12”

  • Drawing Inspiration Podcast #2: What’s in my graphite toolkit? I talk about an injury, find me creative type is that of “thinker” and sign up for the Adobe Photoshop for iOS beta. I also go through everything in my graphite toolkit from paper to pencil and all the accessories in between dropping a few tips along the way. As always, a little homework at the end 🙂

  • I did it! New podcast about the joy of drawing. Thanks to @macgenie and @manton for producing the final push I needed. drawinginspiration.fm

  • Now something different. This iPad drawing is of Rock Harbour Newfoundland. Spent a week there last summer. Hope to finish it tomorrow. 🎨

  • iPad Pro drawing. Yes, butterflies again :-) 🎨

  • Great Micro Monday episode today @macgenie I think this Microcast idea would be great @crossingthethreshold

  • Interesting that Instagram has now removed the “like” total for other people’s posts in my feed. Are they worried about Micro.blog 😉?

  • So @joshnicholas here is a video of the last piece using a single layer. Playing around. 🎨 🎥

  • It’s been a long winter for our neighourhood dragons. The young ones tend to not bother with us but they can create some mayhem when they play around on our hydro poles.

  • About 30 mins playing with dry brush in Procreate app on iPad with Apple Pencil. No reason for the subject choice. Except I wanted white on black with a piece from memory. 🎨

  • Spent more time on this drawing. Been so busy with work. Also, been working through the final touches of my first podcast “Drawing Inspiration” where I talk about all aspects of drawing. 🎨

  • Our mergansers, wood ducks and mallards are back in the pond. One of the female mergansers is checking out a duck house I built. I have five up around the pond. Not a great pic because I had to go full zoom then digital crop.


  • I’m taking an online natural history illustration course. Beginning week 2. Finding it a little frustrating because I feel like I need to deconstruct my style. Maybe it is more because I have so much other creative stuff I’m not getting done. This course was a last minute thing.

  • Started playing around with the idea of drawing the osprey from the nest cam you shared @Ron . Not sure I will finish this iPad drawing but we will see. 🎨

  • Spending Sunday teaching my 16 year old daughter how to change out the winter tires for summers was a joy. Snow day today due to freezing rain is nature just being cruel.

  • Spent some time with a local printer this morning working with different archival paper/ink. Sorting out the details for my first limited edition print run. This was a look at three different digital drawings.

  • Here is a blog post about the butterflies series of iPad Drawings I accidentally created which includes all the drawings and time-lapse videos.

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