• When life gives you mushrooms

    Make art! These scalycaps were challenging and I gave up on them only to come back to them a couple days later.

    Scalycap mushroom

  • Bobcat in graphite

    I spent about 8-9 hours on this 9” by 12” render of a bobcat. I created it using a Pentel Graphgear 1000 .3mm pencil with 2B lead. I also used some blue tack to lift the graphite, a mono eraser and a tortillion to smudge. Check out what’s in my kit here.

    This was quite a bit of work to render the fur and also manage the inclusion of some snowflakes. It does seem I am on a cat creation streak at this point which I just realized a few days ago.

    Wait till you see the acrylic piece I am starting soon ;-)

    Thank you Dotty Weber for the reference.

    Bobcat drawn in graphite

  • Drawing Inspiration #85

    For the latest episode of the Drawing Inspiration podcast, Maria Coryell-Martin joins me to talk about her journey in becoming an expeditionary artist and founder of Art Toolkit. We talk about the locations she has visited, painting in harsh conditions and her current travel kits. Her homework will keep you on time. Like and follow wherever you listen to podcasts. This episode also includes a new discount code for your next order from Art Toolkit.

  • Blue-spotted salamander

    I found this salamander under a piece of wood bench I built a number of years. It’s a blue-spotted salamander. I have only seen these three times and two of those times were this year. It was only about 10-12 cm in length. I sketched it first using a Micron 005 pen (sepia ink) and then transparent Daniel Smith Watercolors and a little white gouache. The palette is from ArtToolKit and I poured the paints myself. I painted using a Pentel Aqua Brush (fine tip) and this was done in an Etchr A6 hot press sketchbook.

  • Isopods - pill bug/roly poly

    Never really took a close look at one of these. Once I did, thanks to my daughter, I had to paint it.

  • Fall has arrived

    It’s that time of year again as the leaves begin changing. The leaves on our buckeye tree almost act as a bright beacon well before the other trees begin. Watercolor on hot press.

  • Watercolor wood frog

    This little wood frog was exploring our yard. I rendered it with transparent watercolor and some white gouache.

  • Fall mushrooms

    A little watercolor entry in my journal based off of some of the mushrooms in our woods. Loved the colors here.

    Mushroom party

  • Snow Leopard in Gouache

    I recently completed this 8” by 10” rendering of a snow leopard with watercolor on 300 gsm black paper from Legion. It’s a mix of white gouache and transparent watercolor.

  • We have a nice batch of grapes this year and the animals haven’t found them yet. It could be a jelly weekend. In the meantime, here’s a watercolor rendering I did in my journal. 🎨 ✍️

  • A quick little (2” by 3”) drawing of a young gorilla as part of a live Zoom event. Polychromos colored pencil on black paper. 🎨 ✍️

  • It’s been a challenging few weeks for our family but we are emerging from it. I now have time again to get back to my art. Here is a sketch I did as part of a Zoom call hosted by Etchr. So nice to be drawing again! ✍️ 🎨

  • With the loss of a dear family member and another in hospital for a week, it’s been hard to find the time and mind space to create. This is my return piece. I hope you are all doing well. 🎨 ✍️

  • A tiny drawing in a coffee shop this week. Graphite on Fabriano 640 gsm hot press paper. ✍️ 🎨

  • Toad in my perpetual journal

    I dropped into a coffee shop to render this little toad. I have rescued two so far this week. At little more than a quarter in size, they are still pretty small. Original drawing using a Micron 005 Sepia Pen and then watercolor with a Pentel Canada water brush.

    Coffee shop render in an A4 Etchr Sketchbook (hot press)

  • My art as a tattoo

    I was excited a year ago when Pierre, someone I went college with, reached out and asked if he could have one of my dragonfly placed on him as a tattoo. I said no problem and sent a high resolution version of the drawing. A year later, and he sends me the photo below. The tattoo artist did a wonderful job in adding colour to this image. Check out her work at Tattoos by Zu. Achievement unlocked ;-) Final tattoo in colourMy initial graphite drawing

  • Orange Echinacea

    My latest journal entry is orange echinacea. I was going to leave it as ink but decided to drop in some watercolor.

  • Acanthocephala terminalis painting

    Spent this beautiful Canada Day evening painting this acanthocephala terminalis I spotted earlier this week in the yard. Ink sketch then watercolor.

  • Painting Milkweed

    One of the plants that deserves more attention is the mighty milkweed. Often treated as invasive and destructive, it is very important for pollinators as well as monarch butterflies in their caterpillar stage. We have so much milkweed this year but not a single caterpillar as of yet, which is odd.

    We make an effort every fall to try and spread the seeds but it can be challenging at times to have them come back year after year.

    Also, if you haven’t enjoyed the scent from these flowers, you are missing out. Distinctive and intoxicating.

    This rendering was done using a Micron 005 with sepia ink for the sketch and then a Pentel Water Brush with Daniel Smith Watercolour and a little Holbein white gouache. I use an ArtToolKit palette to hold my paint and my current sketchbook of choice is the Etchr Hot Press Landscape book. This is the A4 which has exactly 52 pages. One page for each week of the year. Yes, this will be a 5 year journal or so.

    Palette and tools in full viewChoosing this corner to allow room for the next 5 years on this page

  • Testing blog post

    Just some text here

  • After 3 years, some of our bullfrog tadpoles are finally getting their legs. I had to draw one that was nearly done but still had the cute tail 🎨 ✍️

  • For the latest edition of “Bugs and Coffee” we have psytalla horrida which is the largest assassin insect in the world. Once again, spotted at the insect exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Drawn and painted at Equator Coffee in Almont, Ontario over a latte and a molasses cookie. ✍️ 🎨

  • A little watercolor sketch of the giant cave cockroach, spotted at the insect exhibit at the Museum of nature in Ottawa. Drawn with micron pens, and painted with watercolor.

  • Sketching Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa from a patio at the National Art Gallery. Sketched using Procreate and the iPad Pro.

  • My journal entry this week is based on a photo I took at a garden centre where I was expecting to paint a flower :-) Yes, the june bug! Pentel watercolor brush in a hot press sketchbook ✍️ 🎨

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