• Harvest mouse and berries

    A little exploration with watercolor using Daniel Smith watercolors and a little Schminke super granulated. Created with a Pentel Aqua Brush in a hot press Etchr sketchbook. Palette is from Art Toolkit.

    Harvest mouse and berries

  • Watercolor wood frog

    This little wood frog was exploring our yard. I rendered it with transparent watercolor and some white gouache.

  • Fall mushrooms

    A little watercolor entry in my journal based off of some of the mushrooms in our woods. Loved the colors here.

    Mushroom party

  • Snow Leopard in Gouache

    I recently completed this 8” by 10” rendering of a snow leopard with watercolor on 300 gsm black paper from Legion. It’s a mix of white gouache and transparent watercolor.

  • Orange Echinacea

    My latest journal entry is orange echinacea. I was going to leave it as ink but decided to drop in some watercolor.

  • Acanthocephala terminalis painting

    Spent this beautiful Canada Day evening painting this acanthocephala terminalis I spotted earlier this week in the yard. Ink sketch then watercolor.

  • Painting Milkweed

    One of the plants that deserves more attention is the mighty milkweed. Often treated as invasive and destructive, it is very important for pollinators as well as monarch butterflies in their caterpillar stage. We have so much milkweed this year but not a single caterpillar as of yet, which is odd.

    We make an effort every fall to try and spread the seeds but it can be challenging at times to have them come back year after year.

    Also, if you haven’t enjoyed the scent from these flowers, you are missing out. Distinctive and intoxicating.

    This rendering was done using a Micron 005 with sepia ink for the sketch and then a Pentel Water Brush with Daniel Smith Watercolour and a little Holbein white gouache. I use an ArtToolKit palette to hold my paint and my current sketchbook of choice is the Etchr Hot Press Landscape book. This is the A4 which has exactly 52 pages. One page for each week of the year. Yes, this will be a 5 year journal or so.

    Palette and tools in full viewChoosing this corner to allow room for the next 5 years on this page

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