Captivated by the vibrant koppie foam grasshopper from South Africa! Blues, purples, reds, and ochre come alive in my latest piece. These toxic beauties (based on their consumption of milkweed), akin to the monarch caterpillar, were a challenge but rewarding to draw. Watercolor on hot press #sciart

This image features an artist's workspace with a focus on a beautifully detailed painting of a grasshopper on a small white textured paper. Above the artwork, a set of fine-tip pens in a stand is visible, indicating the precision tools used for the painting. To the bottom left, an open watercolor palette is shown, filled with a variety of vibrant colors, some mixed and well-used. Beside the palette lies a water brush pen, suggesting a mix of watercolor and ink techniques in the creation of the artwork. The overall setting suggests a blend of meticulous detail and artistic spontaneity.