It’s been a very busy year with lots of change, creativity and conversation. I have continued refining my art while exploring more watercolor and gouache but also playing more with graphite. My perpetual journal was a great experience but I put aside for a little bit while working on other projects. I have enjoyed my relationship over the year with Pentel Canada and Etchr which provided the opportunity for me to explore new products but also meet new creatives and share some great materials.

One of my biggest challenges was trying black watercolor paper from Legion Paper. The four pieces I completed made me realize there was so much more potential and it also led me to acrylic.

I painted so many insects this year in watercolor and will do more in 2023 but for some reason I was totalled distracted with cats which is why I highlighted three. The lynx in pencil was the most special this year.

My journey will continue in all areas with a much larger focus on acrylic which I am finding daunting but also very exciting. There will be a few larger pieces to come in 2023.

I am working on the final episode of the podcast for this year and will hit 100 episodes in a few months. So many wonderful conversations with fellow creatives. This final episode #91 will include a reflection about 2022 but also some of what I have planned for 2023. I didn’t get to everything I had planned this year but I am happy with the result.

I also would to thank all of you for your ongoing support. Whether it is supporting the podcast directly through Patreon, Buy Me a Paintbrush or via message, comment and like. Your words will always find me and sometimes they find me when I need them most. I have enjoyed viewing all your work and seeing your improvement over the past 12 months.

Stay curious, be well and keep drawing.

-Mike . . . . . #artvsartist #artvartist2022 #watercolor #animalartist #pentel #etchr #graphite #sketchbook #difmpodcast #podcast #reflection #curiousit